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Initially considered an experiment, Transferring Environmental Liabilities have become a well-accepted method of managing environmental liability risk. While environmental insurance policies are available to property owners, transfer programs are the best strategy for managing risk in most situations. Environmental liabilities pose a potentially catastrophic risk to land owners by rendering a property unsellable, incurring stiff penalties for noncompliance with EPA and local regulatory requirements, causing damage to a company’s reputation and negatively affecting earnings.

ERS provides complete and final transference of environmental liability whereby eliminating unforeseen financial hardship and potential damage to community standing.  Our extensive expertise includes environmental law, environmental insurance, engineering, contracting, remediation and redevelopment allowing us to offer innovative solutions for transference of environmental liability.

ERS offers the following:

  • Guaranteed finite capital solutions for variable concerns
  • No risk of future expenditures
  • Complete corporate indemnification
  • Assumption of compliance requirements from regulatory agencies
  • Comprehensive insurance coverage
  • Immediate improvement of balance sheets