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About Us - Acquisition Criteria    

Headquartered in New York, ERS Investors is a full-service developer specializing in the complete transfer of environmental liability. Our principle competency is redeveloping heavy industrial distressed sites.

Superior Structure

ERS is unique in our structure and approach to re-development. We are able self-perform all but the most specialized contracting work, which allows us to control timelines and work quality from start to finish. This structure also allows us to provide comfort to a selling entities board room as we offer industry leading safety ratings, an award-winning safety process, LEAN construction, and provide bonding capacity of more than 2 billion dollars aggregate.

ERS contracting team provides Construction Management, Design Build, General Contracting, Program Management, Integrated Project Delivery, Engineer Procure Construct, Engineer Procure Construction Management, Self-Performed Concrete and Equipment, Self-Perform Demolition, Self-Perform Decommissioning, Equipment Installation Management, Pre-construction, Feasibility Studies, Engineering Management, Virtual Design and Construction, as well as Facility Management.

Our executive team brings a proven background in operations, remediation, consulting and finance across many sectors, and offers a unique, common sense perspective.

The ERS approach:

●  Identify sector-specific transactions with facilities that fit our success model;
●  Provide creative solutions for divestitures of retired assets;
●  Utilize political relationships domestically and abroad;
●  Develop sustainable sites attracting new jobs and investments to the communities where they are located.

ERS is experienced, agile and focused on sectors where we have established relationships and a proven track record. Our team will respond in a timely manner with dependable commitments.

ERS offers insured fixed-price contracts that transfer environmental liability from the party financially responsible for the contamination whereby eliminating remediation obligations, environmental law violations, and potential litigation. Our risk management process offers both a complete transfer of the entire real estate asset or options for owners who want to retain control of their property and clearly position them in the marketplace.

ERS' actively seeks to acquire real estate assets in all industrial and energy sectors throughout the United States and Canada.

Site Types

ERS focuses on heavy industrial and energy sites containing infrastructure with rail access. Our creative approach to repurposing sites paves the way to drive economic development and create new jobs and industry.

Targeted Developments

Targeted Acquisitions

Common Sense Approach

Through a proven framework of underwriting strategies, ERS consistently realizes value where others do not and routinely tenders the most logical and sound offers for the real estate assets it targets.

ERS has the vision, financial strength, and technical capabilities to close difficult transactions efficiently and rapidly.

ERS is currently seeking to acquire retired assets in all industrial and energy sectors.

Thank you for your interest in ERS, Inc. If you have a property you would like to discuss or have questions/comments in general, please let us know.

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